Concierge-Level Service

We lean on high-quality service and communication as our keys to success. We pride ourselves on not just being another vendor, but rather a partner to help improve your business.

At Gemcaps, we offer a free audit to give you an unbiased opinion on your current billing performance. Our audit includes an analysis of key billing performance indicators such as net collection rate, denial rate, and a comparison to industry standards.

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End-to-End RCM Outsourcing


  • AHIMA certified medical coders for both professional and facility level coding.
  • Simply, write and sign your note, our team reviews the notes and patient's insurance to ensure the highest level of coding within 48 hours and 98% accuracy.


  • We handle the entire medical billing process including claim submission, rejections, denials, appeals, payment, and patient statement follow-up.
  • Benefit from customized monthly reports, highlighting vital metrics such as net collection rate and total payments.
  • Enjoy weekly meetings that prioritize clear communication and provide full visibility into our team's performance. Partner with us for unmatched transparency and accountability in the medical billing industry.


  • Low on staff or one-person operation? Rather than hiring additional staff or taking time away from your patients let us help
  • Gemcaps can be a more cost-effective option to manage any pre-appointment services such as patient demographic entry, checking insurance eligibility, submitting prior authorizations or any other data entry tasks.


  • Are billing complexities are limiting your growth or ability to see more patients? Or maybe you have a mountain of outstanding insurance or patient AR that you can’t get to? We can help.
  • Gemcaps can assign an entire team to maximize payments that may otherwise be lost due to timely filing limits or complicated claim processes.
  • Gemcaps utilizes internal software and tools to improve collections with thorough patient follow up. We'll communicate with your patients through the method they choose and find ways to ensure their satisfaction and timely payments.

Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

  • If you already have a billing team in place but still need help, Gemcaps provides RCM consulting services to support your existing team.
  • Gemcaps has 20+ years of experience that can be utilized to review your current billing process, identify any problems or areas of improvement.
  • We can also review current payor contracts, or simply act as a knowledgeable resource for your team to ask questions and rely on for any complex billing scenarios.

Technology Platform

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